Toyota BJ40 Diesel Land Cruiser

1981 BJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser (Rare Diesel Model)

This beautiful, super rare diesel Toyota Land Cruiser was made in Japan with a complete frame on restoration that was completed 1/31/19. I have some pics of the process that I can send to anyone who requests to see them.
This awesome cruiser has the bullet proof B Diesel engine that is known to last to 500,000 and gets a great gas mileage of approx 33mpg. The diesel engines don’t break down and this one runs excellent. This cruiser was painted with the original Toyota paint color Freeborn red T309. Our restoration professionals took apart the body to do a thorough paint job with no over spray or bondo.
For the cruisers we restore we don’t start with a rust bucket, but start with a nice cruiser and make it even better. 
For the mechanics we had a certified diesel mechanic check everything over. It was well taken care of by its previous owner so there were very few things that needed to be repaired. Most parts are original and everything works perfectly.  Check out a video of this cruiser below.  The VIN number for this vehicle is BJ40044976.
Here is a partial list of the body parts that were replaced. 
– New upholstery throughout
– New door seals
– New front and rear lights
– New mirrors
– New emblems
– New window cranks, door pulls, door handles.
– New front bumper

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