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1972 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser (full restoration)


The best of the best, restored & fully upgraded for daily driving by vintageoffroad

This super clean FJ55 is currently for sale on eBay

Premium restoration repaint finished in

DuPont Chroma (lifetime) Paint in “Orion Turquoise & Cygnus White”

Premium restoration upholstery finished in a Grey Tweed Wool & Carpets in Wool Berber.

New 6 cylinder F motor, with performance up grades adding 25 more hp, new h55 – 5 SPEED transmission, new power steering, new 4 wheel disc brakes, new suspension

This rig has only 2000 miles since restoration.

None better for daily driving 70mph Highway Cruising Speeds!


1979 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

Here is a pretty clean 1979 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser..dig the custom paint job!…never seen one like this before…in pretty good shape for an iron pig…looks like it spent most of it’s life in the desert for sure.

1974 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser

1974 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser

Another example of a very rare 1974 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser in amazing condition. Most of these poor “Iron Pigs” (as they are affectionately called) have suffered major rust damage over the years…especially on the top, drip edge and lower quarter panel areas. Ask me how I know…I have a basket case 1974 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser in my garage right now!