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BJ40 toyota, Kojootti Off Road Finland (Video)

Volcan 4×4 does Toyota Land Cruiser importing & restoration…the right way!

I am excited to see a brand new company like Volcan 4X4 importing and restoring high quality vintage Toyota Land Cruisers from Colombia into the USA. They are the number one importer of Colombian Toyota Land Cruiser trucks. Check out Volcan 4×4′s website and prepare to be impressed!
I recently spoke to the owner Charlie Guy, and this is what he had to say about the growing business:
” I started Volcan 4×4, LLC which is a Florida and Colombian based business specializing in sourcing, restoring and importing unique classic Toyota Land Cruisers. We are specializing in FJ43 models also.  We have been working since we started the business in early 2014 and are now on our 10th truck in process with 5 shipped into the US so far. We hope to do 20 trucks this year making us the number one importing of Colombian classic Land Cruisers.  We are focusing on trucks in the $30,000 to $60,000 price range”
This is one of our trucks below…
1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 volcan 4x4

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 volcan 4×4

“This one we mostly bought this way from a Colombian airline pilot Land Cruiser enthusiast and did a light restoration. Just a FUN truck I could not pass up.  Most of our trucks we do frame on or frame off restorations and follow an original theme.
I believe that Volcan 4×4 is the only US citizen owned business bringing these great trucks out of Colombia. We are unique in that I speak Spanish and live part time in Colombia and oversee all the restorations. We have some great FJ43s coming soon and a frame off 1961 FJ40. The 1961s were very rare in the US with under 250 imported in 1961.”

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (full frame off restoration)

Another very nice restored 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 available from catsexotics.com via Ebay

1970 Toyota FJ40

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser finished in Tan over Gray interior. Having had a meticulous restoration just completed less then 250 miles ago; the rust free body was stripped to bare metal at the start of this no expense spared restoration. All new rubber seals, powder coated bumpers, powder coated wheels with the correct caps, all new marker lights and assemblies new trim pieces and hardware.  Mechanically it has been completely restored as well with the 6 cylinder motor mated to the 3 speed transmission. Runs and looks better than when it left the factory. A vehicle to enjoy as its upward value as a collection piece keeps moving forward.

This car has gone through our Cats Exotics 75 point used vehicle inspection and is available upon request.

1980 BJ41 Diesel Right Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser (Expedition Rig)

Here is well loved BJ41 expedition rig currently listed for sale on Ebay

So I have come to the sad realization that I don’t use or drive this truck enough and would like to begin looking for a new home for it. Somewhere where someone will have time to spend with the rig, enjoy it and take it on new fun adventures.

Where to start…

Brief history:

1980 BJ41 (JDM). I bought it in 2009 in New Zeeland and spent a month touring the north and south islands with it. I shipped it back to my home town of Baltimore Ro-Ro and picked it up in Baltimore. It saw lite use there until I decided to take it to South America. In the summer of 2011 it was shipped to Boulder Colorado where my cousin (A Toyota rock crawling advocate and head of a machine shop) spent 3 months converting it to an overland expedition rig. In the fall of 2011 it was containerized and shipped to Buenos Aires Argentina. I picked it up in the opening days of 2012 and drove 5,000km south to Ushuaia inTierra Del Fuego before driving all the way to the very top of South America in Colombia. In July 2012 it was again containerized and shipped to my new home in Houston. It sees weekly use now and lives in a garage.


1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 PTO MUSEUM QUALITY

toyota land cruiser 1973 frame off restoration a toyota land cruiser 1973 frame off restoration h toyota land cruiser 1973 frame off restoration d toyota land cruiser 1973 frame off restoration j

Another amazing FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser frame off restoration for sale here on eBay : Full Before and after pics included here:


1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hard Top with factory PTO winch. This vehicle is a museum-quality, rotisserie, frame-off, hand built, nut and bolt restoration. It is exact to original manufactures specifications and appears just as it did when it rolled off the ARACO Toyota production line back in 1973. You will not find a more original or meticulously restored FJ40. There are well in excess of a thousand hours in this build, and probably just as many in research and parts acquisition in order to maintain integrity. As much as the photos show, this vehicle is even more impressive in person.

I have owned twelve FJ40s over the past twenty years, and worked on many more. This makes my sixth restoration, and with each comes more knowledge, ability, and efficiency. It is by far the most comprehensive I have ever completed. I am a one-man operation, and I have a passion for early Toyota Fj40s. Prior to doing restorations full-time, I was a mechanic in my fathers automotive repair business and performed restoration work on the side in my free time. I am a purist and a perfectionist when it comes to Land Cruiser rebuilds and I think my work reflects this.

This restoration is unique in that it began with what’s known as a “survivor” – an incredibly complete and unmolested specimen. All components are original to the vehicle and meticulously refurbished. The entire vehicle was disassembled and catalogued. All hardware and adornments were retained, cleaned, yellow zinc plated or re-chromed as per factory specification.

For new parts, every effort was made to use NOS OEM Toyota parts and rebuild kits sourced from the local Toyota dealership or from other reputable Land Cruiser Specialists. Aftermarket parts were only used when absolutely necessary and only because the originals were no longer available. No expense was spared and the attention to detail of this restoration is second to none. Every decal, nut, and bolt is correct in its application.

Refurbished parts:

  • Chassis

o   Frame and respective components were media blasted and powder coated

  • Wheels
  • Drive train, engine and PTO

o   All components were disassembled, thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and reassembled

o   The head was reworked

  • Valves and seats were reground
  • Head, intake and exhaust manifold were resurfaced

o   Radiator

  • Hydraulics components including:

o   Brake master, booster, slave cylinders, clutch master, wheel cylinders


New parts:

  • Water pump, belts and hoses
  • Hydraulics components including:

o   Lines, shoes, hoses

  • Clutch and flywheel
  • OEM shocks and Dunlop tires
  • Universal joints and tie rods
  • Muffler and exhaust
  • Headlights, taillights, turn signals, emblems, reflectors, gaskets, boots, wipers, hubcaps dash cap, winch cable, plugs and wires, vent drain tubes, grommets, and lock cylinders.


  • Tub, fenders, top etc. were media blasted to bare metal and defects were repaired at a professional body shop
  • The only rusted area on the rear sill was cut out and replaced with new sheet metal
  • Paint:

o   All body pieces were coated with a self-etching primer and single-stage acrylic enamel paint

o   The color is the elusive “Heath Grey”, Toyota paint code T-113, and was available on FJ40s in the 1973 model year

  • The floor and underside of the tub were sprayed with a color matched, tinted raptor liner for sound dampening and durability
  • Electrical wiring harnesses were circuit-tested and rewrapped
  • The fiberglass top was sanded down, recoated with epoxy resin, repainted with Toyota’s “Cignus White”, and given a new headliner and visors.

o   New OEM drip rail edge gasket



  • New, custom-sewn vinyl seat covers identical to the original in color and appearance
  • New OEM shifter boots
  • All glass is original and displays the Toyota trademark in the corners
  • Seat frames, front and rear heaters, doors, console, steering wheel, dash, AM radio, knobs, pedals (including arms and bucket), wiper mechanism and seat belts are original and re-finished


Equally impressive:

  • Extremely rare original tool bag complete with stamped Toyota tools
  • Iconic yellow bottle jack and rods
  • Factory trouble light in its original plastic case
  • Genuine owners manual.


Even the ignition key is brand new OEM Toyota and comes inside a factory key wallet where it shares space with the new front and rear door keys. As a finishing touch, no true period restoration would be complete without a matching set of license plates of the very same vintage. It even smells like a new car inside! No respectable collection is complete without an FJ40 in the stable, here’s your chance. Please visit the following link to be directed to an online photo album containing supplemental images, which chronicle each stage of my process in detail. The album is organized such that there are before and after comparative pictures, followed by a complete chronicle of the restoration, and wrapped up with additional images of the finished Cruiser.




I want to reiterate that this is a museum-quality vehicle, and as such is not suitable for highway driving. I reserve the right to end the sale at any time. A $5,000 non-refundable deposit is required via PayPal within 24 hours of the close of sale. I’m more than happy to answer any questions from serious prospective buyers, no trade offers please.

One point of clarification: Let me stress that this vehicle is in excellent running and operating condition. However, it was never designed by Toyota to be a high speed highway driving truck. It features a short wheelbase with a 3speed transmission, low ratio transfer case and rear axle gear ratios.  It was intended for slow operating off road use.


New limited edition summer collection T shirt designs (preview)

Here is a preview of the new land cruiser of the day limited edition Summer collection T shirt designs:

Preview of the new land cruiser of the day limited edition summer t shirt collection!

Preview of the new land cruiser of the day limited edition summer t shirt collection!

My Toyota Land Cruiser Bj40 by Rómulo Alves

This guy gets it…thanks for making this video Rómulo!!!

1975 Toyota HJ45 Pickup w/ Safari Panels (full convertible)

Another sweet ride…an FJ45 is in my future for sure…
1975 Toyota HJ45 Pickup w/ Safari Panels (full convertible) on eBay

Pretty much ol’ faithful – runs and drives like a dream starts up and shifts flawlessly steers great and stops perfectly. Mechanically needs nothing as it sits.

It had a body off restoration a while back and is rust and rot free – check out the pictures to see its condition.

The truck can be turned into a full safari rig with the half doors and removable roof and rear window panel. (Scroll down toward the end of the pictures to some examples of how it would look – also note the “Headache Rack” not shown in those example pictures is on this truck and can be left on or taken off when going topless.)

A straight 6 Diesel “H” motor and its 4 speed transmission gives it a bunch of torque and odds are if you sought out this listing I don’t need to tell you much more about its features. The HJ is about 95% correct and functional parts are not too tough to find.

Please note that I do have the OEM radio delete cover and the OEM tailgate latches on hand and they will be included with the sale.

Have a good look through the pictures the truck speaks for itself and the cleanliness of the truck tells you how kept the truck has been over the years.

It’s a super truck and gets a bunch of attention – surely these are rare in the USA and this one is a gem.


Toyota FJ40 (matchbox toy car)

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Matchbox Toy Car)

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Matchbox Toy Car)

There are many Toyota land Cruiser FJ40 toy cars out and about..but the paint and attention to detail on this one really caught my eye…must have been designed by a true land cruiser fan!



Land Cruiser “Oil & Gas” series T-shirt preview!

Here is a sneak peek of my new Toyota Land Cruiser Oil & Gas series T-shirt designs. I finished these up over the weekend and the silk screens are curing as we speak..considering some limited posters & metal signage as well…I’m really excited about these designs.